Monday August 31st 2015

Recent Work

Perovskite’s solar promise

In the last few years, the sun-to-power efficiency of perovskites has surged at an unprecedented rate. This material is [Read More]

Where will lighting strike?

  Michael McQuilken will never forget the day lightning struck his younger brother.   On August 20, 1975, he [Read More]

How we got to Ceres

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft recently reached the orbit of Ceres, a dwarf planet and the largest object in the asteroid [Read More]

About Stephen

I'm a science writer in Nashville, Tennessee, who usually covers math, physics, astronomy and cancer research, and I work from a converted office shed in my backyard. I also teach an undergraduate class in science communication at Vanderbilt University.

My work has appeared in Discover, New Scientist, onEarth and Science News for Students. I'm also a contributor and fact-checker for AACR's Cancer Today magazine, and I've received awards from the Association of Health Care Journalists and the American Society of Journalists and Authors. My non-science nonfiction has appeared in the New Haven Review, and my fiction has appeared in The Portland Review, Arcadia, Vestal Review, Bartleby Snopes, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Prime Number, and One Story.

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* "Interrupting Cancer's Travel Plans," an article I wrote for Cancer Today, won a 2013 ASJA award in the trade category.

* The Science Writers' Handbook, a book to which I am proud to have contributed, is due out in April from Da Capo Press.

For Kids

Science in Hollywood

There’s so much snow in the movie Frozen that the cold white stuff might as well be the star of the animated film. It falls, flies, piles and melts. Snow sprays through the [Read More]

Science News for Kids
A complete list of my stories for Science News for Students appears here.

Math stories

Can an Equation be a Poem?

April is Mathematics Awareness Month. April is alsoNational Poetry Month. Coincidence? Yep, almost definitely. But it’s also an opportunity: I’d like to propose that [Read More]