Monday January 23rd 2017

Recent Work

The Riddle of Bacteria and Cancer

The human body teems with bacteria. These micro-organisms live on the skin, in mucus membranes, on the eyes and in the [Read More]

The wild weirdness of topological insulators

For more than 200 years, physicists have wanted to understand why electricity flows through some materials and not [Read More]

Metagenomics for foodies

Kefir is a viscous, sour-tasting, slightly alcoholic, milk-based beverage that’s been consumed for centuries. [Read More]

About Stephen

I'm a science writer in Nashville, Tennessee, who covers math, physics, astronomy and cancer research. I work from a converted office shed in my backyard. I also teach an undergraduate class in science communication at Vanderbilt University.

My work has appeared in Scientific American, Discover, New Scientist, onEarth and Science News for Students. I've received a AAAS/Kavli science journalism award, and my work has been recognized by awards from the Association of Health Care Journalists and the American Society of Journalists and Authors. My feature article on the longest math proof in history appeared in the 2016 volume of Best American Science and Nature Writing.

My non-science nonfiction has appeared in the New Haven Review, and my fiction has appeared in The Portland Review, Arcadia, Vestal Review, Bartleby Snopes, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Prime Number, and One Story.

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* "Where will Lightning Strike?, which I wrote for Science News for Students, won a 2015 Kavli AAAS Science Journalism Award.

* "Interrupting Cancer's Travel Plans," an article I wrote for Cancer Today, won a 2013 ASJA award in the trade category.

* The Science Writers' Handbook, a book to which I am proud to have contributed, was published in April 2014.

For Kids

Star Trek technology becomes more science than fiction

Fifty years ago, the first episode of Star Trek aired. It started as a quirky science-fiction television show that lasted for a mere three seasons. But the out-of-this world [Read More]

Science News for Kids
A complete list of my stories for Science News for Students appears here.

Math stories

Zombie physics

For Alex Alemi and Matt Bierbaum, physics graduate students at Cornell University in the US, there really was no escaping the zombies – those fictional reanimated human [Read More]